Get started and make e107 the engine of your fully-featured site today!

 Easy to Install

Step-by-step wizard for easy installation

 Time Friendly

Drag and drop editing, in-line editing, and batch changes

 Twitter Bootstrap 3 Ready

Fully supports CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, FontAwesome...

 Easy to Use

Intuitive administration area and user features

 Multimedia Friendly

Media manager for your images, files, YouTube videos

 Backwards Compatible

Full support of websites using older versions of e107

 Easy to Customize

Easy customization with plugin and theme managers

 Search Engine Friendly

Full featured tag system and search engine friendly urls

 Developer Ready

Open-source on GitHub, build the future with us!

 Easy to Use...

Your day-to-day companion to manage your website through:
  • A powerful and intuitive administration area,
  • Powerful theme and media managers,
  • Community tools (forums, private messaging, polling)
  • Full-featured news plugin for sites and blogs,
  • Great plugin framework for add-ons,
  • Integrated social profiles and shared logins,
  • Search engine optimization features...

 Easy to Install...

Stress-free installation and upgrading provided through:
  • Step-by-step wizards for installation,
  • Compatibility with most Linux server configurations,
  • Simple updating of the core, plugins, and themes,
  • Upgrade routines for e107 legacy sites,
  • Tools to health check your installation...

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 Easy to Customize...

  • Twitter Bootstrap ready,
  • HTML5 and jQuery support and functionality,
  • Flexible Plugin Architecture,
  • Change the look and feel of your website at the click of a button,
  • On-the-fly image resizing for theme development,
  • Simple plugin development frameworks for added functionalities